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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thanksgiving Mac Tower

I'm so excited to show my very first Macaron Tower! I'm naming this the Thanksgiving Mac Tower. Although it is not made of Turkey flavor, it is built with macarons in Fall Colors. I was so anxious to see the results as this is my second attempt. The first attempt was disastrous as they fell one after another while I was trying to save them by holding the tower, I knocked out more that fell off crashing into bits of crumbs onto my kitchen table. I knew there was nothing I could do to salvage them at that time, so I had to plan it better this time...

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The tower is made of Styrofoam cone that you can get from any craft store or grocery stores. They are usually located at the craft section for dried flowers. I wrapped it with aluminum foil. You can also use parchment paper but I like aluminum foil because it is easy to shape. It also prevents the macarons from touching the Styrofoam. This way you can actually reuse the cone for more towers.

The bottom part of the tower and the maroon color macarons are made of chocolate flavored macarons. (Click for recipe). The yellow color is salted caramel macarons. I made the bottom part wider by using Ateco 804. The rest are made with Wilton #12. I didn't add any additional coloring on the chocolate macaron. The yellow and maroon macaron is from Wilton. The green leaves on the maroon macarons are made of ready made fondant in pastel green. I paste the fondant on the macaron shell using icing sugar. All supplies can be found on the left hand side of my blog.

 The most tricky part in building a tower is making sure that the macarons stick on the wall. I wrap around the tower after each layer of macarons are placed on the wall with a strip of aluminum foil. It doesn't have to be really tight but at least tight enough to hold them in place. After I was done, it basically looked like a mummified tower and I place it in the refrigerator for few hours until the icing dries up. Once it is dried, it is safe for handling and you don't have to worry of macarons crashing tragedy.

A macaron tower will dress up your dining table tremendously with minimal effort. So if you are looking for a thanksgiving idea, look no further :)

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Happy Thanksgiving....

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  1. Wow, your tower looks so festive and yummy! Gorgeous and delicious, what more could you ask for? I may have to order a Christmas tree version, if you'd be willing to make a custom tower? Very impressed... Love your sweet blog! :)

  2. @Pom Girl. Thank you. Yes, you may order a custom tower through my etsy mini (left hand tab). A Christmas Tower looks just like a mini edible Christmas Tree. How cute is that?

  3. I love this idea! Thank you so much for linking up at Thrifty Peach Blog Hop! I hope you come back each Tuesday to share more!

    I'm following. :)

  4. Thanks Jennifer. Will definitely check it out every Tuesday :)

  5. So fancy! I would probably drop them all and break them somehow. Nice job!

  6. I had to use a strip of aluminum foil to wrap around them after I was done with each layer. Its amazing that a thin layer of foil could give such strong support. The icing turns really hard after it's cooled and it holds the macs really well.

  7. I would definitely give thanks for that Mactower. Great Job!

  8. What an absolutely stunning macaron tower- it's certainly the centerpiece of our virtual Thanksgiving dessert table! Don't you wish we were really pulling up a chair and sitting down to this amazing meal? You're an extremely gifted macaron baker! Queen, indeed!

  9. Thank you for your kind words lisamichele. It would be so much fun to sit around the table with this mac tower in the center and just keep picking on these macarons while we chat away with family members. Oh, and don't forget a glass of wine!

  10. Wow! You have definitely shown that you've come up with a tower of strength after the first scenario. Boy, it's the only way you learn from these experiences. This is amazing and for the holiday season will be an absolute wow factor to any table. Bravo! What a beauty.

  11. Your macaron tower is absolutely gorgeous! I also love the fondant decorations, they add a really lovely touch.

  12. This looks fantastic, it was definitely worth persevering.

  13. Thank you, Jill, LadyMacaron2oten & Laura.


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