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Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello kitty & friends

You can always have some fun with baking. What's better than a delicious macaron is deliciously adorable macarons!!  Since I had some extras from today's baking and I thought why not make something cute out of it.
I use Americolor edible pen to draw the faces. The red and pink bows are made out of Heart Sprinkles. I buy almost everything online these days. I know, the shipping prices is a little crazy, but it's so convenient!
Sugar sprinkles are amazing! They come in so many different sizes, shapes and colors, you can do so many things with them.
I only have one HelloKitty in the picture below because this is the only successful one. I guess I'll need more practice. After all, practice makes perfect....
Hello kitty is not lonely anymore now that I gave her some friends. I used a smaller tip to to make her ears. Otherwise it will look more like Mickey Mouse than Hello kitty.
For the happy faces macarons, I piped out oval and round shaped macarons. And used edible Americolor pens to draw the faces.

The little rabbit macaron below is done with Wilton tip #12. For the ears, I just piped two lines above a round (regular macaron shape). The 2 lines will spread out a little and attach to each other just like in the picture.

Macarons Tea Party

When I googled cute macarons, there is actually a DYI macaron maker from Japan. It even has all the ingredients that you need. How convenient! 

Courtesy of

I'm so proud of this Hello Kitty macaron. My next hello kitty project would be a Tower of them. It's like a 5 year old dream come true, wouldn't it?

What is your favorite cartoon character?

For the macaron recipe, please visit Macaron Back to Basics

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  1. You make such fabulous macs! This one in particular made me smile!


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