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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Macaron Chanel Style

After doing the Louboutin project and I thought, wow, this is a lot of fun. I want to make more macarons that are designer inspired! I'm going to make CHANEL, baby! Chanel popularized the little black dress and they are the very first that made clothes that are more practical for women. I love their designs because most of their collections are classic and timeless. I wish I can say that I am the first person that created this. Maybe I am for Macarons, but you can actually find all over the web for Chanel Cupcakes. The way of making it is pretty much similar though. So, its not rocket science. All you need is white fondant!

For the macaron shells, I used the recipe from Macaron Back to Basics

Vanilla buttercream
2 egg white
150g butter (soften)
80g sugar
1/4 tsp of vanilla essence
2 tsp of cream cheese
pinch of salt

1) Beat the egg white and sugar until stiff peak. (consistency similar to whipping cream)
2) Add in the butter and continue to beat at low speed for 2 to 3 seconds. At this point you just want to mix them, and not to make it fluffier. 
3) Add in cream cheese. The cream cheese just makes it extra tasty.
4) Add in the vanilla essence.
5) Add in a pinch of salt if use unsalted butter. The salt brings out the flavor.
6) Pipe the vanilla buttercream on the violet macaron shell

For the designs, I used ready made white fondant, alphabet cutter, round fondant cutter and edible white pearls. Stick the 2 Cs opposite of each other to create the Chanel signature logo with icing sugar. For the quilted macaron top, I used a round fondant cutter to cut out the rolled out fondant. And the quilted effect is done by pressing the back of the butter knife on the fondant. Stick the white edible pearls with icing sugar.

I tried to decorate the center part of the macaron with edible pearls but it turned out looking as if the macaron has uneven teeth. The only thing that makes this batch not as realistic as the real Chanel logo is the edges of the 2Cs. Notice that my macarons has round corners and the actual logo has sharp edges. This can be easily fixed by using a sharp knife and cut off the edges.

I'm a big Chanel fan! No.5 Elixir is my favorite!!

Behind the scenes

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  1. I love them!!!!!!! They are so cute!!!
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