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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Macaron

Everywhere I go I see pumpkinpumpkin and more pumpkinI feel that I got a little brain washed because as I was going to bed last night I was actually craving for a pumpkin treat. Good god I didn't dream about turning into a big orange pumpkinThis has never happened before because I am not a big fan of anything pumpkin flavored. But as the weather is getting a little colder, it does feel like a good idea to curl up in front of a fire place with a pumpkin treat and a cup of hot chocolate. Ok, maybe it is too soon to start the fire place, but you get the idea.

So when I got up this morning, I had a mission to make pumpkin cream cheese macarons. The recipe is slightly different than the ones that I usually do. I add a little bit of cinnamon and nutmeg onto the macaron shells to create that warm spicy taste.

Approximately 30-35 macarons

130g almond flour
200 g confectioners sugar
1 1/2 tbsp pumpkin pie spice (powder)
100g egg white (aged- about 4-5 days separated from the yolk and refrigerated. Covered in a saran wrap/ Tupperware)
1/4 tsp egg white powder
20g granulated sugar
Pinch of salt
1 drop Wilton copper coloring gel
Pinch of cinnamon powder
Pinch of nutmeg powder

1) Mix the almond flour, confectioners sugar and pumpkin pie spice in a food processor. You can pour everything into the processor and then mix the content with a butter knife before turning it on.
2) Sift the ingredient
3) Microwave the egg white at 15 seconds at high to further thicken the egg white. Make sure that the egg white is not cooked.
4) Place the egg white in a mixing bowl and sprinkle the salt.
5) Whisk at low speed until becomes foamy.
6) Add in the egg white powder.
7) Add in granulated sugar gradually and continue to whisk until it turns soft peak.
8) Add in coloring and continue to whisk until it is between soft and stiff peak (medium peak). You don't want it to be too stiff.
9) Add in the almond mix gradually and fold until the batter is evenly mix. Avoid mixing like crazy because that will create bubbles. (I know, it is very tempting to do that)
10) Put in piping bag and pipe them an inch apart. See picture below.
11) Sprinkle the cinnamon & nutmeg on top of the macarons and let it sit between 30-60 minutes
12) Bake at 315 F for 15 minute at the lowest shelve.

Cream Cheese Filling
70g confectioners sugar
2 oz cream cheese (soften)
3 tsp butter (soften)
1/4 tsp of vanilla essence
Pinch of salt (if using unsalted butter)

1) Mix cream cheese, butter, salt and vanilla essence in a mixing bowl
2) Add confectioners sugar gradually and continue to mix evenly
3) Pour into a piping bag
4) Pipe on the macaron shells

Printable Recipe

Remember to refrigerate the macarons for 24 hours before serving. Macarons are best after they had been matured. 

Serve with a hot cup of coffee, tea or chocolate in the comfort of your cozy home. Pure bliss....


  1. Thanks for stopping by the blog! Your comments really made my day. These macarons look absolutely mouthwatering!

    Maria xx

  2. Your macarons are gorgeous!
    Love this flavor - reminds me of the whoopie pies I just made!
    Can't wait to try these.


  3. Delicious Macaron! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you Eftychia. I hope you enjoy it :)


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