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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Macaron Louboutin Style

You can't go wrong with those red soles from Christian Louboutin. I wear a lot of the classic platform heels because they go so well with a pair of jeans or even if you dress it up with a little black dress. Not to mention those extra inches from the platforms make me feel like a supermodel for a moment.
These batch of macarons have Louboutin influence in it. I try to achieve that by using black top macaron shells and bottom red macaron shells. To make it more interesting, I added edible gold studs made out of fondant.

The macaron shells recipe can be found in Macaron Back to Basic. That page has all the ingredients and instructions on how to make the perfect macaron shells. The only thing that is different is the color. I used 1oz of Wilton Red Red gel food color to achieve the red bottom shells. I tried using less, but it turned out pink. And the black shell, I used 2 drops of Wilton Black gel food color. For the filling, I used Godiva chocolate ganache and the recipe can be found in Godiva Chocolate the Diva Macaron recipe

Edible Studs
To make the edible studs, you will need fondant (ready made from stores) and edible gold luster dust.

First roll out the fondant until paper thin. Then use a knife and angled it at 45 degrees before cutting it on both sides to get a strip with pointy center. Then cut them into small squares also by angling the knife at 45 degrees until you get a pyramid shaped square. Cut the edges to smoothen the corners.

Pour out 1/4 tsp of edible gold luster dust on a small dish. Add 1/2 tsp of vodka and mix with a spoon. Next, use a small paint brush and brush it on the studs. Leave it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes until the vodka dries out. Use icing sugar and a tweezer to stick each studs on the black macaron shells. Refrigerate for 10 minutes for the icing sugar to harden and it's ready to be serve. 

Loubie in a box.

A sneak peak on my next project....

I'm not crazy about the studs effect here. Classic is still my favorite, it's just a safer choice. What is your type? Studs or classic?

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