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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mango Coconut Fusion Macaron

The tropical taste of coconut infused mango is what I describe as marriage made in heaven.Coconut has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. According to, among the health benefits from coconut oil are hair, skin care, stress relief, weight loss, immune system and digestion.When you combine coconut with the vitamin rich and antioxidant mango, a very intense flavor is created. In my language, I call it yummy!

Macaron Shell Recipe
Approximately 30-35 macaron

140g almond flour
200 g confectioners sugar
100g egg white (aged- about 4-5 days separated from the yolk and refrigerated. Covered in a saran wrap/ Tupperware)
1/4 tsp egg white powder
20g organic granulated sugar
Pinch of salt
1 drop Yellow Icing Color
Coconut Flakes (Optional)
Wilton #12 tip

1) Mix the almond flour and confectioners sugar in a food processor. You can pour everything into the processor and then mix the content with a butter knife before turning it on.
2) Sift the ingredient
3) Microwave the egg white at 15 seconds at high to further thicken the egg white. Make sure that the egg white is not cooked.
4) Place the egg white in a mixing bowl and sprinkle the salt.
5) Whisk at low speed until becomes foamy.
6) Add in the egg white powder.
7) Add in granulated sugar gradually and continue to whisk until it turns soft peak.
8) Add in coloring and continue to whisk until it is between soft and stiff peak (medium peak). You don't want it to be too stiff.
9) Add in the almond mix gradually and fold until the batter is evenly mix. Avoid mixing like crazy because that will create bubbles. (I know, it is very tempting to do that)
10) Put in piping bag and pipe them an inch apart. Sprinkle coconut flakes on the shells. 
11) Let it sit between 30-60 minutes
12) Bake at 315 F for 15 minute at the lowest shelve.

Mango Coconut Fusion Buttercream Recipe
70g confectioners sugar
3 tsp organic unsalted butter (room temperature)
1 tsp coconut cream
1 tsp mango puree 
1/4 tsp vanilla essence

1) Mix confectioners sugar with butter evenly
2) Add in coconut cream, mango puree and vanilla essence. Continue mixing.
3) Put mixture in piping bag and pipe on macaron shells.

Printable Recipe

Remember to refrigerate the macarons for 24 hours before serving. Macarons are best after they had been matured. 

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  1. What a fun mac flavor. A little taste of the tropics.

  2. Hi Barbara. Yes, a summery flavor to warm up the winter.

  3. This sounds like such a lovely flavour combination, they look fantastic too.

  4. Hi! Found you by chance on Etsy (even though I wasn't shopping for macarons...) and weirdly enough I decided to click on your profile name, thinking "bolu" may link you to Southeast Asia. And it did! :) I grew up in Singapore myself and am now residing in Honolulu. Anyway, long message short, good for you with your goal of opening a macaron cafe! Your goodies look delicious, and I am intimidated by the recipe/instructions! All the best!!

  5. Hi Tina,

    I've never been to Honolulu, I bet its amazing!! Thank you for your wishes. I'm having lots of fun making these goodies :)


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